Elegant fire-resistant glazing

METEK SECUR fire doors and windows

A fire door proves its true worth only in an emergency. It is then that the very best of materials and workmanship are of fundamental importance: METEK’s SECUR ALU EI 30/60/90/120 certification fire door is just one example.

Test standard UNI 9723

Posts, panels, side elements, skylights, fixed elements, glass and masking strips
Profiles in SECUR aluminium
Cross section 55 x 86 mm and 77.5 x 86 mm
Double thermal break
Fire-resistant, certified fibre-silicate based insulating material

Material Width
Post and beam width, including glazing beads, is 100 mm

Profile connection
Aluminium corner brackets
Butt joints in steel
Alternative: Butt joints in aluminium

Surface Treatment
RAL powder coating
– 60 micron certified to Qualicoat standards
– 15 micron anodization certified to Qualanod standards

Compression seal

Sealant strip
Foam seal, expands to contain smoke in the case of fire
Installed inside and outside the rebates of the frame and on the brickwork side

Safety bolts on the hinge side in INOX AISI 316

Special features
Glazing / panel centrally mounted with glazing strip on both sides
Additional locks in steel.
3-piece adjustable aluminium hinge with plastic bearings


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EI 30/60
EI 90/120

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