Elegant fire-resistant glazing

Metek Secur fire-resistant facade

Fire protection facades meet the highest demands only if every single detail, no matter how big or small, is of outstanding, certified quality. METEK‘s SECUR ALU EI 30/60 fire protection facades set new standards.

Posts, beams and masking strips
SECUR profiles in aluminium
Cross section post: 150×50 mm
Cross-section beam: 70×50 mm
Posts and beams: Fireproof, certified fibre-silicate based insulating material
Profile connection: aluminium butt joints
Sealant posts and beams: EPDM

Surface treatment
RAL powder coating
– 60 micron certified to Qualicoat standards
– 15 micron Anodization certified to Qualanod standards

Glass pressure plate
Indoor installation: FE galvanised
Outdoor installation: INOX AISI 304
Glass seal in compliance with DIN 4102-B2

Screws exclusively in INOX


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