Elegant fire-resistant glazing

METEK SECUR fire-resistant partition walls and fixed glazing

Conformity with legal requirements is the first fundamental requirement for METEK SECUR in the selection of materials and the processing of the fire protection partitions and fixed glazing. However, as numerous tests have proven, METEK SECUR far exceed these prerequisites.

Fire-resistant partitions and glazing with 12mm frame width and 22mm glazing bead in the following classes: EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120

All fire protection partitions and glazing comply with the most recent fire safety regulations of EU Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011 based on the “European Technical Assessment” ETA in accordance with guidelines ETAG 003 of April 2012.
All products bear the sign CE.

Fire Resistance
Tested to EN 1364-1
Tested to EN 13501-2
EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120 classifications

Safety in use (fall protection)
Tested to ISO 7892
Tested to ISO / DIS 7893
Approval for use category class IVc
Suitability for terrain category class D in accordance with Eurocode 1

Fire Performance
Tested to EN ISO 11952-2
Tested to EN 13238
Tested to EN 13823
Tested to EN 13501-1 with B-s1
Classified d0


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EI 30/60
EI 90/120

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