Elegant climate-controlled wine rooms

Perfect presentation for noble wines.

Great wines deserve an impressive setting: aesthetic, professional and appealing, with optimum conditions for all wine varieties and champagnes. That applies in equal measure to retail, restaurants and the home.

Metek offers top-quality wine cabinets in all shapes and sizes – from elegant vitrines to temperature controlled walk-in wine cabinets, ideally with floor-to-ceiling glazing with ultra-slim profiles.


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The first walk-in wine cabinet.

All over the world, people appreciate and enjoy fine wine. In the high-end restaurant and hospitality business with its discerning clientele, and increasingly on the part of private wine lovers, too, it is therefore only natural that more and more importance is being attached to presenting exquisite wines in an elegant setting that also guarantees optimum storage. This is where METEK comes in. A specialist in perfect workmanship in glass and metal, METEK develops elegant climate-controlled cabinets that are state-of-the-art technology and design.

The perfect presentation for nobles wines.

Gone are the days when noble wines had to be hidden away in the cellar. METEK develops elegant climate-controlled cabinets that are state of the art in technology and design. They are fully air-conditioned and operate with different temperature zones. They protect the sensitive wines against UV light and maintain a regular check of humidity. Whether as a modular wine vitrine, a small wine cabinet for the home or a walk-in climate-controlled wine unit for several hundred bottles – METEK brings expertise and an individual touch to every project. Let us help you make room for your wine dream!

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