Elegant climate-controlled rooms

Stylish and unique:
Custom-designed climate-controlled units for the catering industry

As an expert in the sector, and through our use of top-quality materials, METEK create custom-designed treasures: Walk-in, ultra-stylish, climate-controlled units for the catering industry that display every single product to its best advantage: wine/meat/cheese/microgreen.

METEK guarantee a fully climate-controlled, sunlight-protected room with a constant temperature and controlled humidity, designed to meet the highest of architectural standards.

Our designs are customised to your own personal requirements; our interior fittings are available in wood, glass or metal, and feature LED interior lighting with permanent on/off and dimmer control. The separate temperature zones (+5°C to +20°C) and electronic access control can be adjusted by means of an integrated touch-screen panel. Visual and acoustic warning signals indicate potential malfunction, ensuring the integrity of sensitive products. Thermal insulation of flooring, ceilings and rear walls and triple-layer insulation guarantee maximum energy efficiency.

  • Elegant climate-controlled wine rooms
  • Elegant climate-controlled meat chambers
  • Elegant climate-controlled cheese rooms
  • Microgreen - elegant Vertical Farming

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