METEK life, 1st July 2020

In these times of social distancing,, IDM Südtirol have launched the digital platform alpitecture eConvention for architects and construction professionals, offering building site managers, project developers, architect studios and investors a space to connect digitally, share their expertise and present construction projects.

METEK have joined the platform, and present both our company and custom-designed projects crafted with top-quality materials. Stylish, automatic glazed openings including airlock partitions for swimming pools, glass facades, glass doors and partitions, climate-controlled wine cellars and fire-resistant glazing are our areas of expertise. If you want some wow-factor inspiration, take a look at our latest Descending Windows project.

Find out more about our full array of offers, ranging from open-plan design features to sliding facades for industrial premises, renovation of old buildings and new construction, from overall concepts to detailed solutions: METEK bring elegance, technology and efficiency together in the form of intelligent building shells that open up.

Stop by and see us – we’ll be only too happy to provide you with advice.

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