The Perfect Climate at the Söl’ring Hof: Metek wine rooms combine elegance with functionality

The luxury Söl’ring Hof Hotel in the Rantum Dunes is among the pearls of the hospitality industry on the German island of Sylt. In recent months, the managing directors, Jan-Philipp Berner and Dirk Iserlohe, supported by the Berlin-based planning consultant, KDREI, have treated the traditional establishment to a gentle modernisation, during which, among other things, three new METEK air-conditioned wine rooms were integrated into the historic fabric of the building.

The Söl’ring Hof is a small establishment that has grown up over more than two decades, meaning that in some cases the renovation work required millimetre precision.

On the one hand, the task for METEK was to suitably present the finest wines from a collection comprising 800 items in a wine showroom directly in reception and thus show off the wine expertise of the hotel in the very best light. At the same time, it was important to combine functionality and elegance at a level that did justice to the atmosphere of the 5-star hotel and the needs of the four sommeliers in their everyday work.


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